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Artist Astrologer
Hiroko Saigusa

1978 Born in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 
1993 Entered private Yamanashi Eiwa High School Short-term stay in Canada 
1996 Entered Toyo Institute of Art and Design, 4-year course in visual communication design 
1999 Short-term stay in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
2000 Stayed in Brussels, Belgium, and designed the interior of a hotel. 
2003 Accepted to Graphic Design Department, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London  
2011 Enrolled at CPLC, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA


Started painting at the age of 3.
After graduating at the top of his class from Tokyo Fine Arts School, he lived in Holland and Belgium, where he had spectacular experiences.
Later, while in England, he met Maya Fiennes and created stage costumes and flyer graphics.

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Bar Foxy / Tokyo
2019 ARTIFFACT Gallery / New York
2019 Hiroko Saigusa solo exhibition / Seoul


Group Exhibitions
1995 Koebiren Oil Painting Exhibition / Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art / Yamanashi, Japan
1997 Design Festa Vo.6 / Tokyo 
1999 Kyobashi Gallery / Tokyo 
1999 PARK OF THE FUTURE / International Art Amsterdam / Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
2015 Hive Gallery / Los Angeles    
2015 The Artcomplex Center / Tokyo
2016 Lectovaso Gallery / Tokyo
2016 Current Exhibition / The National Art Center, Tokyo / Tokyo    
2016 Current Exhibition / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Tokyo, Japan
2017 China-Japan-Korea Art Exhibition / Tsukuba Museum of Art / Ibaraki, Japan     
2017 Current Exhibition / The National Art Center, Tokyo / Tokyo 
2018 Agora Museum of Art / New York
2018 China-Japan-Korea Art Exhibition / Tsukuba Museum of Art / Ibaraki, Japan
2018 Current Exhibition / The National Art Center, Tokyo / Tokyo 
2018 Japan-Korea Contemporary Art Association / Tokyo
2018 SPACES - Palazzo Ca' Zanardi - / Venice
2018 12th GWANGJU BIENNALE / Seoul 
2018 Galleria Monteoliveto / Paris 
2018 SPECTRUM (on behalf of the Agora Museum of Art) / Miami 
2019 Creators - Artists of the Heisei Era and Beyond / 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / Ishikawa, Japan 
2019 International Exhibition / Athens
2019 Schoenbrunn Palace / Vienna


Other Art Works
1997 Open-air digging, interior design / Harajuku Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
1999 Sony Magazines TBS program "Single Life" cover illustration design for a literary book
1999 ULTRAZAK T-shirt design / Genova
2000 Forum Art Hotel interior design / Brussels
2000 Interior design for PASEO Pinks, Yamanashi, Japan
2003 PLANET MAYA stage costume and flyer graphic design / London 
2004 PBE Cafe, textile design / Tokyo, Japan
2004 Self-taught in Western divination tarot cards 
2006 Started consulting as a fortune teller    
2006 HIKARI-MATSURI Art decoration, OVERHEADS Lighting collaboration / Kanagawa, Japan
2006 Children's painting class instructor / Tokyo
2007 INSPIRE! U.K. flyer, poster, HMV graphics, EMI music x British Council  
2008 Kamakura Waraku Furniture Textile Graphic Collaboration
2015 Monthly Art First round selection
2016 Joined an office as a fortune teller
2017 VIDA Co. artwork provided / San Francisco
2017 HiROCO Japan Apparel brand established
2017 Agora Museum of Art Affiliation / New York
2018 - For Zen - KENTA HAYASHI x DAISUKE INOMOTO collaboration live painting / Berlin
2018 ZIPANG 2018 Live Painting / Shirahama Flower Park / Chiba, Japan
2020 Agora Museum of Art, Competition Exhibit / New York


2000 Award of Excellence, 4-year course of Visual Communication Design, Toyo Institute of Art & Design
2003 President's Award, Merck Ltd.
2016 Selected, Association of Contemporary Artists / The National Art Center, Tokyo
2017 China-Japan-Korea Art Exhibition Art Grand Prize / Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki, Japan
2017 Awarded the Association of Contemporary Artists, Japan, Member Nomination / The National Art Center, Tokyo
2019 Japan-Netherlands International Cultural Exchange Art Prize
2019 Japan-Greece International Cultural Exchange Art Prize


2006 MdN July issue
2018 Design Note / published by Seibundo Shinkosha
2019 Design Note New York Solo Exhibition Interview Published / Seibundo Shinkosha
2020: The Night Before Her Breakthrough: Close Interview with Hiroko Saegusa / BS Fuji
2020 Wide News, featuring Hiroko Saegusa / YBS Yamanashi Broadcasting System
2021 Design Note web version Creater's Map interview with Seibundo Shinkosha



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