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霊感があることから占いに興味を持ち、 魔女になりたい願望をもつ。 絵画制作をする傍らでブログを開設し、 現在では一日50人以上の人々からの悲劇的な相談内容を受ける。 相談内容はそれぞれで、自殺願望やLGBT(同性愛)、うつ病や適応障害、恋愛依存症など、 私の携帯へと連絡が入ってくる。 「占ってもらいませんか?」という言葉を何万回も聞いている。















The sun that leads 30,000 people's "hope" into the future.

Since childhood, he has had a strong psychic sense and experiences seeing objects that do not exist in the real world.

At the same time, he started to express physical forms that do not exist in the real world as abstract oil paintings.

Because of her psychic sense, she became interested in fortune-telling, and has a desire to become a witch. While working on her paintings, she also started a blog, and now receives tragic advice from more than 50 people a day. The content of each consultation is different, such as suicidal thoughts, LGBT (homosexuality), depression, adjustment disorder, love addiction, and so on, etc. I receive calls to my cell phone. I get calls on my cell phone from people asking me, "Would you like to have your fortune read?" I have heard the phrase "Would you like to have your fortune told?" tens of thousands of times.


The world is full of people who rely on Western astrology, Yin-Yang, numerology, palmistry, psychic reading, and their worldviews.

This is not a hospital or a consumer center.

As a consultant, I continue to expand all matters into the world of color, and I am keenly aware that I am carrying the hopes of more than 30,000 consultants.

The common word is "death.

Brushes and hands start to move as if transforming the choice of words into colors.

If you have the courage to live, it is a mass of souls that will powerfully come alive.

I call it "hope.

The existence of the sun as if it were a gift from the universe, as if bright sunlight shines through.

The sun sometimes disappears and sometimes gives us strong reflected light. However, the sun allows us to survive.

The sun is a common presence.

I think it is a symbol of hope.

My mission is to give hope to people.

I will continue to deliver the abstract word "hope" to people through my paintings as a physical form.



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